Seal The Leaking Funnel

Fix the high drop-off rate for sign-up flow by data

Seal The Leaking Funnel

Fix the high drop-off rate for sign-up flow by data

Seal The Leaking Funnel

Fix the high drop-off rate for sign-up flow by data

Seal The Leaking Funnel

Fix the high drop-off rate for sign-up flow by data

Why the numbers drop? 🤔

While reviewing the data on our dashboard, I came across a significant drop in conversion rates within our sign-up flow. This not only affected the product itself but also had an impact on our marketing and sales teams, as they depend on the flow to generate leads for potential buyers.

Project goal

Fix the data leaking problem.

Our sales strategy required users phone number, and the sign-up flow is one of the important resources.

What I did

  • Found the leaking point

  • Collaborated with PM and the owner of Snapask Korea

  • Delivery revamped UI and flow


After we had simplify the term and policy page, and switch phone sign-up, Sign-up rate increased 38.3%.


Two weeks for each projects

Let's see the funnel

We can see two significant leaks in the user journey. The Terms and Conditions page experiences a drop-off rate of 50.2%, while the Email Verification page has a drop-off rate of 60.5%. This leaves us with a mere 8% conversion rate.

觀察數據可以發現,目前流程有 2 處嚴重的使用者流失
觀察數據可以發現,目前流程有 2 處嚴重的使用者流失
觀察數據可以發現,目前流程有 2 處嚴重的使用者流失

(Data has been modify)

Email Confirmation

The leaks on Terms and Condition page have been resolved, let's move on the next leaking part: Email Confirmation page.


My Assumptions

60.2% drop-out rate was abnormal, my assumptions are:


Users got distracted after they leave the app.


Sometimes, the confirmation email can take a bit more time to arrive.

Possible Solutions

01 - Switch to verification code

We can't control the delivery time at the moment, so I am thinking maybe can change something else, like instead asking user to leave the app to click a link in email, maybe sending a code, user can enter the code while stay in Snapask app.

02 - Switch to phone sign-up

At the moment, phone number was become more important than email to the company. The sales and marketing teams heavily rely on phone numbers for telemarketing.

Taking this into account, PM and I have discussed the idea of transitioning from email sign-ups to phone number sign-ups. This way, we can collect phone numbers and eliminate the data leakage page altogether.

Designing a flow that's as smooth as butter.

Finally we decided to switch to phone sign-up method.

Using SMS verification offers the advantage of the app automatically detecting the code from the message, completing the verification process without requiring the user to do anything manually. My assumption is that this can contribute to reducing user drop-offs.

Thanks to the engineering team, I gained insights into how both platforms detect the verification code:


The system will recognize the number behind the word "code" as the verification code, this works in every language.


Required to add a string of identify code, at the end of the message. For example "This is your code "1234". REw25AL7iaR"

After we retrieve the code from the SMS, we automatically fill the code into the textfield, and started the verification, users doesn't need to lift a finger!


Sign-up CVR increased 38.3%

After approximately a month of transitioning to phone sign-ups, the conversion rate has seen a notable increase 38.3%. There's no significant drop-off in the process anymore!

Conversion rate